About Us

AS Metal Recyclers

AS Metal Recycler is a Melbourne-based full-service junk removal and metal recyclers company. We specialize in old car removals, car wreckage removals, old car recycling and general scrap metal recycling in the southeastern suburbs of Melbourne including Mornington and Dandenong. We offer the best prices for all types of scrap metals from home or business including offices, retail locations, construction sites, and more. We also offer white good product scrapping but we are not a car parts retailer.

We also process all types of unwanted vehicles and offer car body removal. We welcome walk-in customers as well as free car removal and free scrap metal removal for junked cars, wrecked cars, smashed cars in key Melbourne suburbs in the southeastern area. No job is too big for us, call our hotline number and we will remove all types of metal junks in key southeastern suburbs of Melbourne.


Save The Environment, Making Money Off Junk

Got junk? Let us take care of all types of residential or commercial junks in your local area and make money off junk. We accept and collect metals from virgin ores, aluminum and metal alloy scraps, iron, tin, lead, copper, and so much more.

Get much needed cash while doing your part to save the environment. Recycling helps reduce industrial impact on the planet, it reduces greenhouse emission and save more in energy consumption by reducing the extraction of our natural resources.

Recycling unwanted vehicles minimizes the strain on landfills that reduces the chances of damaging the environment from chemical and toxic metal leaks.

Do your part in saving the environment. Start with recycling metal junks at home and leave the rest to us. Call our hotline number today for scrap metal or junk car pickups.