sCrap Car Removal


Tired of your junked car collecting dust and taking up too much space in your yard? Planning to get rid of unwanted cars that have become an eyesore around your home? Then you came to the right place.

AS Metal Recycler is a full-service junk removal company that specializes in all types of metal junk removal services including:

  • Scrap metal removal

  • Junked car removal

  • Wrecked car collection

  • General scrap metal recycling

We will collect, recycle and process all unwanted cars using recycling procedures that adhere to international standards.  When you work with us, you get the best prices for your unwanted car and you help save the environment too.

We are just one call away. Imagine walking into your yard and it's clean as a whistle. We will tidy up your space and pick up all types of metal junks you no longer need. Our professional team of metal recyclers gets the job done in time, no complications guaranteed.

Talk to us. Call our hotline number today and you'll be glad you did. We offer reliable scrap car removal services you can trust.

We guarantee that we offer the best rates for scrap vehicles including trucks, jeeps and sedans, on the spot. No waiting, no complications and no hassles, guaranteed. Our team is a fully licensed and accredited to collect junked, wrecked or unwanted vehicles in key southeastern suburbs of Melbourne including Mornington and Dandenong.

Scrap Metals

Melbourne, being one of the capital cities of Australia, has grown so much both in size and in economy. The steady growth of the city capital also meant a large catchment of scrap metals. This growing demand for quality recycling services is what our company is built upon. We offer scrap metal and old car removal to help businesses, homeowners, building sites, factories and barns remove all unwanted metal junk for a great price. Recycling scrap metals is a great way to minimize industrial impact on the planet, freeing Melbourne from hazardous chemicals or toxic metals.

For reliable metal recycling services, choose AS Metal Recycler. You can count on us to deliver quality services at agreed times. Call us for scrap metal collection and we will check out the site and give you a quote on the value of your scrap metal depending on what it is. Our company sees value in scrap metals and so should you! Call us and we will collect all types of discarded metal junks including:

  • Metal car parts

  • Old, wrecked bikes

  • Unwanted cars and trucks

  • Unwanted machinery and equipment

  • Metal parts from discarded electronic appliances

  • Copper and aluminum, etc.

Scrap metal is one of the oldest forms of recycling. When you recycle unwanted metals, you help minimize industrial waste, lessen the strain on landfills and lower the demand for virgin ore. Most metal products, when processed right, can be recycled in many ways.