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Copper 1: Copper Wire

Includes clean, untinned, uncoated, pure copper wire and cable, not smaller than number sixteen B & S gauge, freed from burnt wire that is brittle. Hydraulicly briquetted copper subject to agreement.


Copper 1:  Heavy Copper

Includes clean, unalloyed, uncoated copper clipping, punchings, bus bars, switch segments and wire not but 1/16 of an in. thick, freed from burnt wire that is brittle ; however might embody clean copper tubling. Hydraulicly briquetted copper subject to agreement.

Birch Cliff

Copper 2:

Includes miscellaneous, pure copper scrap having a standard ninety six copper content (minimum 94%) as determined by electroytic assay. ought to be freed from the followings : overly leaded, tinned, soldered copper scrap : brasses and bronzes : excessive oil content, iron and non-metalics : copper conduit with apart from copper connections or with sediment : copper wire from burning, containing insulation : hair wire : burnt wire that is brittle and will be reasonaly freed from ash. hydraulicly briquetted copper subject to agreement.


Insulated Copper: Wire Scrap

Includes copper wire scrap with numerous forms of insulation. To be sold-out on a sample or recovery basis, subject to agreement between client and merchant.


Brass Honey

Clean Brass: Yellow Brass Scrap

Includes mixed yellow brass solids together with brass castings, rolled brass, rod brass, tube and miscellaneous yellow brasses, together with plated brass. should be free of manganese-bronze, aluminum-bronze, unsweated radiators or radiator components, iron and to a fault dirty and unsound materials. should even be free of any sort of munitions together with, however not restricted to, bullet castings.


Clean Brass: New Brass Clippings

Includes  the cuttings of recent unleaded yellow brass sheet or plate, to be clean and free from foreign substances and to not contain over 100% of fresh brass punching underneath ¼ in.. To be freed from Muntz metaland yellow metal.

Ocean Brass

Clean/Unclean Brass: Mixed Unsweated automobile Radiators

Includes  mixed automobile radiators, to be freed from aluminium radiators and iron-finned radiators. All radiators to be subject to deduction of actual iron. The tariff specification ought to cowl the gross weight of the radiators unless otherwise such.

85% Clean Honey Brass

Unclean Brass: Coast Brass

Will contain predominately honey brass and alternative red brasses usually oversubscribed as eighty fifth clean.


Unclean Brass: Composition or brass

  brass scrap, valves, machinery bearings and alternative machinery components together with miscellaneous castings fabricated from copper, tin, metallic element and/or lead. Shall be freed from semi-red brass castings (78% to eighty one copper) ; railcar boxes and alternative similar high-lead alloys ; cocks and tap ; closed meter ; gates ; pot items ; ingots and burned brass ; aluminium, atomic number 14 and Mn bronzes ; iron and non-metallics. No piece to live over 12’’ over anyone half or weigh over one hundred lbs. Heavier items acceptable upon mutual agreement between client and marketer.


Solar Batteries Off-Grid System

Battery systems for off-grid usages in both commercial and domestic application which includes Lithium-ion, Sealed Gel, Flooded Lead Acid Batteries (Wet-Cells) and also other battery technology.

Electric vehicle battery

Battery which is used for application for cars, trucks and other  commercial vehicle usages. 

electric motors

Mixed electrical motors

Include whole motors and/or razed electrical motor components that area unit primarily copper wound/coil.No excessive steel attachments like gear reducers, iron bases, and pumps, or loose free iron allowed.


Racks Scrap Lead/ Rail lead Battery plates

Includes clean soft scrap lead, freed from alternative materials like dross, battery plates, lead lined cable, hard lead, tip-up tubes, foil, sort metals, aluminum, zinc, iron and brass fittings, dirty chemical lead and hot materials.

stainless steel

Stainless Steel Scrap 

Includes clean 18-8 sort stainless-steel clips and solids containing a minimum seven-membered nickel, 16% chrome, and have a most of .50% atomic number 42, .50% copper, .045% phosphorus, and .03% sulfur, and otherwise free of harmful contaminants. 

Stainless Steel Turnings 
Includes clean 18-8 sort stainless-steel turnings containing a minimum seven-membered nickel and Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire chrome, and to be freed from non-ferrous metals, non-metallics, excessive iron, oil and different contaminants. 


Aluminum Extrusions

Aluminum Extrusions “10/10” Material to include new production and old/used 6063 extrusions that may contain up to (but not exceed) 10 % painted extrusions and ten % 6061 alloy extrusions. should not contain alternative alloys of aluminum. Material should be free of metallic element corners, iron attachments, felt, plastic, paper, cardboard, thermo break, and dirt and alternative contaminants.

Aluminum motor vehicle castings/tense 

This material can include clean aluminum castings and is to be free of any metallic element, plastics or alternative materials that might contaminate the remelt method.

Mixed aluminum castings

Shall include all clean aluminum castings which can contain motor vehicle and heavier-than-air craft castings however no ingots, and to be free of iron, brass, dirt and alternative non-metallic things. Oil and grease to not total over a pair of.

Aluminum  motor vehicle rim/wheel scrap

Aluminum automobile or Truck Rims / Wheels Shall include clean, single-piece, unplated Al wheels of one suchalloy, freed from all inserts, steel, wheel weights, valve stems, tires, grease and oil and alternative non-metallic things.

Aluminium wire 

This material can include pure Al wire employed in the facility trade. it'll freed from any metallic element, insulation, plastics or alternative materials. ISRI Code - claw NEW PURE Al WIRE AND CABLE Shall include new, clean, pure Al wire or cable free from hair wire, ACSR, wire screen, iron, insulation and alternative non-metallic things. 

Aluminum lithographic / printing plate sheets

Lithographic printing plates are typical of material generated by the printing trade. Plates are accepted eachduring a new condition or that of used printing plates. Ideally the material are free from paper separators. it'll free of any plastics or alternative materials. 

Aluminum cans scraps

This material can include used aluminum cans and can be free of all contaminates. it'll not include any steel cans or the alike. are often briquetted or bailed. 

Aluminum copper radiators

 Aluminum radiators include clean aluminum and Copper Radiators and/or Al fins on Copper tube, free of brass tube, iron and alternative foreign contamination.
This material can include Al radiators as from associate degree automobile, air-conditioner or the alike. it'll be free of any metallic element, plastics or alternative materials.

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